Power users.
Powered by AI.

Tandem is your users' personal AI assistant, that lives in your app and helps them discover, set up and use the features they need, effortlessly.

Show up where your users need

Assist your users in the exact way they need, always — from their first day using your app to the one-thousandth.

Greet them with a white-glove onboarding

Understands and leads them to the features they’ll need, to make them love your app from day one.

Provide timely advice to showcase your product's value

Proactively suggests better ways to use your product, based on your users’ unique context and activity.

Build up their product know-how, every day

Shows how to do things on your app, answers questions, and explains the interface. 24/7.

Adoption taken care of
Revenue expansion
Adoption taken care of
Revenue expansion

Making it effortless for you

Configure easily

Brief your AI copilot with your own playbooks. Your product and all its intricacies, immediately understood.

Deploy quickly

No devs needed to test it thanks to our Chrome extension. When ready, easy to deploy to production.

Control tightly

Secure with guardrails to make sure Tandem is on-point with every response. Rest easy knowing it follows your playbook to a tee.

Monitor holistically

Review your copilot’s every response, as well as your users’ usage and behavior. Get insights into recurring questions and main pushbacks.